10 Best Arrowverse Moments

This week marks the long awaited return of every one's favorite CW shows - Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

So we here at Comicbook.com figured what better time than to dive in and relive our favorite scenes from the shows with the 10 Best Arrowverse Moments!

And with over four shows sharing the same universe, there's no shortage of moments from which to choose. Take our No. 4 pick for example, from the first episode of the third season of The Flash - "Flashpoint".

This episode has somewhat become a source of contention among fans of the show. On one hand, nearly every fan was chomping at the bits to see an adaptation of the popular Flashpoint story from the comics (though, obviously, certain elements would have to be removed - like Thomas Wayne Batman unfortunately). Many fans assumed the entire third season of the show would revolve entirely around Flashpoint. So understandably, some were quite irked to realize the Flashpoint story was only going to span the length of one episode.

But still -- what a great episode it was! How cool was it to see Barry's alternate timeline? And how he learns from, of all people, Reverse Flash just what will happen to his memories if he doesn't change things back to the way they are supposed to be. We also got the first appearance of Wally as Kid Flash. It's moments like these that keep fans coming back every season to the CW to see what's next in store for our heroes.


What are your favorite Arrowverse moments? Make sure you watch the video at the top of the article to see if it made our list, and keep coming back to Comicbook.com for all of the latest Arrowverse news!