2 New Image Comics Teasers For Harvest

Image Comics will apparently be rolling out a teaser a day for their new, montly limited series Harvest. The comic will be by AJ Lieberman and Colin Lorimer, and features some...fascinating...imagery, and a cryptic teaser to accompany these first, early images.

We didn't miss them yesterday, by the way; one didn't go out as a result of the U.S. federal holiday.

The best I can do to describe it so far is "haunting," and I'm intrigued to see what the comic itself looks like when it comes together for August release. ComicBook.com will try to stay on top of the teasers all week long, which appear thus far to be panning out from one central image to reveal more of the room behind that inital figure.

And getting weirder as it goes.

Harvest #1 (of 5) Story by: AJ Lieberman Art By: Colin Lorimer

Price: $3.50 Diamond ID: JUN120439

Human traffickers.  Rogue medical teams.  Yakuza run organ mills and a six year-old drug fiend.  Welcome to Dr. Benjamin Dane's nightmare.  His only way out?  Bring down the man who set him up by reclaiming organs already placed in some very powerful people.  If Dexter, ER and 100 Bullets had a three-way and that mind blowing tryst somehow resulted in a kid, that kid would read HARVEST. Medical Grade Revenge.

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