Archie Musical In Development With Adam McKay

Riverdale is relocating to The Big Apple.That’s because Archie Comics is teaming up with Funny [...]

Riverdale is relocating to The Big Apple.

That's because Archie Comics is teaming up with Funny or Die and writer/director Adam McKay for an Archie Broadway musical. McKay, whose prior credits include Anchorman and Talladega Nights, will also write a companion book for the New York City-bound production that Funny or Die will co-present.

"Archie represents a bygone era of America. And like all bygone eras, there are elements we miss and elements that should be bygone," McKay said in a statement. "This will be a musical that deals with both those realities in a bright, colorful and slightly demented way."

The Broadway musical is Archie's latest stab at embedding itself deeper into popular culture, following a modern-day reboot series, and crossover comics with pop culture staples like Sharknado and Predator.

"We couldn't be more excited to partner with Adam McKay and Funny Or Die to finally bring Archie to the stage. We've always thought that Archie was destined to be a big Broadway star – and now that moment has come!" Archie CEO and Publisher Jon Goldwater said in a statement. "I've long admired Adam's work and the pairing of Archie's world with his brilliant humor and sensibility is the perfect fit. We look forward to developing this project together with this incredible team."

A release date wasn't announced, but stay tuned for further updates…and cross your fingers for a comic book musical with far less bodily injuries.

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