Arrow International Poster is Right on (Human) Target



, the CW Network's new Green Arrow series starring Stephen Amell and Willa Holland, has released its first international teaser poster and it's very reminiscent of another DC Entertainment TV property from a few years ago: Human Target, on which Before Watchmen's Len Wein served as a writer, featured the same font and the same bullseye motif as the Arrow poster shown at right. The story, which reinvents Green Arrow as a super-spy more than a superhero, features Amell as a version of Queen who, yes, was stranded on a desert island but whose mother and father appear to have had a more substantive role to play in the conspiracies and lies that not only caused the shipwreck but also drive him on as a hero when he returns to civilization. Here, he's also got a sister who's in the mix, as well as Laurel Lance, a reinvented version of Black Canary for the series. It will be the CW's first foray into superheroes since the end of Smallville, the long-running, fan-favorite Superman show in which Green Arrow played a major role. That version of the character, played by Justin Hartley, was a favorite part of the show among the fans and still has a dedicated following wondering why they'll be watching someone else under the hood. The show's first season will begin to air in the fall, as the pilot was recently picked up for a full season order.