Arrow: Kord Industries To Make an Appearance


As one of the ten DC Comics characters we said we hoped to see on The CW's Arrow, Ted Kord clearly has some fans, even if he currently doesn't exist in the New 52. Well, over at Green Arrow TV, they've spotted something interesting on that score: Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim apparently tweeted out the image at right, indicating that Kord Industries will be referenced, appear or play a role in a future episode of Arrow. Whether Ted Kord himself will show up or not is unclear--the character appeared in both Smallville (as a character who didn't particularly resemble his comic book self) and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but his costumed identity as The Blue Beetle is one that's actually been a multimedia success for other characters who wore the suit. Jaime Reyes has appeared regularly in animated series since his creation, after all, and Dan Garrett had his own solo radio series back in the '40s. GATV notes that most fans had hoped Ted Kord would appear in the Booster Gold pilot being developed by Arrow's Andrew Kreisberg. Whether the decision to import the character into Arrow means anything for the seemingly-stalled Syfy series isn't clear.