Bond 24 Set To Film In Austria

James Bond's next adventure will take him to parts of Central Europe, including the country of Austria.

The Austrian Village of Obertilliach confirmed (and The Bond Bulletin then reported) that it will be one of the shooting locations for the untitled "Bond 24" film. Obertilliach Mayor Matthias Scherer told his residents in a town meeting that the Bond production team will shoot in village's forest, ski paths, and a "Bond House" that is being built specifically for the film. The filming team then confirmed that about 300 production and crew members will be in the village. The village also confirmed that Bond 24 would shoot ariel shots from a helicopter and airplane.

Bond 24 is setting up in the village now, which at the time of Bond Bulletin's report, was covered in a light dusting of snow. Known for its snow-covered mountains, Obertilliach attracts a large skiing crowd during the winter months. Filming will begin within the next few weeks, so it definitely seems like 007 will be playing the snow for his 24th adventure.

The news follows the recent rumors that Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz will join the Daniel Craig-led cast as classic James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blomfield. Filming for "Bond 24" begins in December for a October 2015 release.