BOOM! Launches Villainous Variant Covers for Power Ranger Series

power-rangers-variant-cover banner
(Photo: BOOM!/Rebekah Isaacs)

Following up the Zord variant announcement this morning, EW has revealed that more variants are on the way for BOOM!'s upcoming Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger series. This time, the various villains of the Power Rangers will grace--or is that disgrace--the covers for the series. Each cover will be a retailer incentive, "unlocked" by a certain number ordered and each cover will be drawn by a different artist. It's fitting that the first of the series starts with Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger.

Drawn by Buffy artist Rebekah Isaacs, the cover shows Tommy sans Ranger helmet, in the eerie glow of his Sword of Darkness, which was given to him by his "Empress" Rita Repulsa. Check out the full image below.

(Photo: BOOM!/Rebekah Isaacs)

As Power Ranger fans are aware, the Sword of Darkness was forged by Rita and was the key element in Tommy's seduction to the dark side. Once it was destroyed by Jason, the spell that had entranced Tommy was severed, returning him back to normal.

The #0 issue of the series will be the retelling of Tommy joining the team and the Green Ranger: Year One sort of story. EW also mentions that new announcements regarding variants will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week.