Call To Cosplay Series Coming To Myx TV

Myx Tv is launching a cosplay competition series titled Call to Cosplay.

The series looks to combine the cosplay subculture with elements of popular design competition reality TV series. Each episode sees two contestants assigned a theme, budget, mystery element and less than eight hours to create a character and costume from scratch in order to win cash prizes. Costumes and performances are then scored by judges based on authenticity, creativity, "wow" factor and craftsmanship.

The six-episode series will feature themes including sports anime, magical girls, American/non-Japanese characters, throwback anime (pre-1990) and heavy metal armor throw-down. The show is hosted by anime expert Keith Kawamura.

"Call to Cosplay is our way of showing genuine respect and affection for the passionate group of fans and artists who represent this thriving sub-culture and we're happy to give them a place to demonstrate their skills on Myx TV," said Miguel Santos, General Manager of Myx TV.

Episodes will also be made available via the Crunchyroll streaming service the day after they air.

Call to Cosplay premieres tonight, June 30, on Myx TV.