Comic Book Hot List for November 9, 2011

Another week, another hot list of comic books that you shouldn't miss for this upcoming week! [...]

Another week, another hot list of comic books that you shouldn't miss for this upcoming week!  There are several big titles this week, and the DC relaunch continues to roll out with the latest round of third issues coming this week.  Marvel also has a big book this week, so let's get right to it then, shall we? Marvel 1.  The Avenging Spider-Man #1  The latest Spider-Man title lands on shelves, promising to showcase his connection to Avengers and he FF. His amazing friends perhaps? 2.  Incredible Hulk #2  So Bruce and the Hulk are now separate entities, but can they ever really be separated?  Find out here. 3.  New Avengers #18  Norman Osborne is on the loose again, and H.A.M.M.E.R. needs new recruits.  How will the Avengers stop him? 4.  Point One #1  For a couple of buck more you get six extra stories AND a preview of the 2012 Marvel U?  How can you lose? 5.  X-Men Legacy #258  Marvel Girl's struggle with a space station and a foe stronger than her comes to a close here. 6.  Wolverine #18  Gorilla Man (you read that right) and Logan tie up loose ends in San Franciso 7.  Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4  Miles is still adjusting to his new powers, but just how did he get them? DC 1.  Superboy #3  Battling his way out of the wreckage of a prison, what awaits Superboy and what does N.O.W.H.E.R.E have to do with it? 2.  Batwoman #3  Kate Kane's adventures on the trail of a child snatcher could lead to her identity exposed. 3.  Mister Terrific #3  Brainstorm is on a collision course with Mister Terrific, and the minds of many are at stake 4.  Demon Knights #3  Boy, you try to save a group of villagers from a fiery death and they turn on you.  Happens all the time. 5.  Batgirl #3  Batgirl already has to deal with Mirror, but now Nightwing crosses her path as well! 6.  Green Lantern #3  Sinestro is on the run from his own corps here.  See Sinestro run!  Run, Sinestro, run! 7.  Batman and Robin #3  Nobody steps up his attack on Batman AND the Wayne family. Image/ Top Cow 1.  The Walking Dead Weekly #45  The survival continues here, and even Rick Grimes may not be immune to the danger at this point. 2.  Pigs #3  If the title doesn't grab you, then this plot to kill a U.S. Senator might. 3.  Artifacts #11  The end of this maxiseries is almost here, and Hope needs rescuing!  The Survivor's complex awaits! 4.  Witchblade #149  This is the buildup to the big anniversary 150th issue!  Don't miss this one though! Dark Horse 1.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine #3  Buffy's on the run from the police, family and now something new! 2.  Dollhouse: Epitaphs #5  Echo is on the run from the world, literally. 3.  Kult #4  No more illusions!  On for the battle for reality itself. 4.  House of Night #1  Life can get pretty complicated for a newly vampired teenage girl in a new school!  Jump on here. Boom! Studios 1.  Hellraiser #7  Clive Barker returns to put his personal stamp on a series he helped create with this new issue. 2.  Duck Tales #6  It's a Darkwing Duck/Duck Tales crossover!  It's part three so get on it! 3.  Operation: Broken Wings, 1936 #1  Action, war, espionage and more are in this tale of a German spy tortured by his superiors. 4.  Decision 2012: Barack Obama #1  An origin story and a straw poll determined by sales figures?  Interesting new angle! Dynamite  1.  Kirby Genesis Silver Star #1  One of the final Jack Kirby creations gets new life here! 2.  Red Sonja #58  The throne of Koth is at stake, and Sonja finds herself in the middle of a family feud. 3.  Last Phantom Annual #1  Hey, just what DID happen to the last Phantom?  Clues are here! 4.  Jennifer Blood #6  Turn the pages to see if Jennifer gets her revenge in the conclusion to this first story.