Comic Book Previews for August 26th, 2009

The kids back in school this week aren't the only ones starting a new term and a new direction, as [...]

The kids back in school this week aren't the only ones starting a new term and a new direction, as this Wednesday gives us the highly anticipated debut of the Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham creative team behind The Fantastic Four with issue 570. A new story arc also begins in Secret Warriors #7, as the Dark Avengers, Thunderbolts and Nick Fury's Secret Warriors find themselves on a collision course, with Ares' son the prize! New Avengers #56 promises some shocking action, as the events of the previous issue unfold with several heroes having their power drained. The Incredible Hulk #601 sees the return of the recurring title with a new world for Bruce Banner and company. Dark X-Men: The Beginning wraps up with issue three, bringing to a close the origin of this deceptive, Emma Frost-led team.

DC Comics brings out the dark in the Teen Titans with Blackest Night: Teen Titans #1, another mini-series coming out of the company-wide Blackest Night story. Speaking of that, Green Lantern #45 shows us another dimension to the War of Light, this time with the Star Sapphires and the Sinestro Corps tangling. Kevin Smith returns to the world of Batman with Batman: Widening Gyre #1, a new three-issue series following Smith's run on Batman: Cacophony. Guess who's back! Dr. Fate returns in the pages of Justice Society of America #30, and that could be just in time as the team faces an onslaught from an eager and powerful group of villains.

Predator #2 hits the shelves this week, courtesy of Dark Horse! A one-off issue of Usagi Yojimbo greets readers with issue number 122, and what's better than rabbit ronin in the summer?! Dark Horse didn't forget you Star Wars fans out there! Part two of the five part Blue Harvest story continues with Star Wars: Dark Times #14. From Image Comics this week comes the one-shot Frank Frazetta's Sorcerer. Fans of the mystical should not miss this addition to the Frazetta world! The Darkness/Pitt #1 kicks off a limited series featuring the team-up of two of the most intimidating characters around!

Horror fans will be pleased to see Boom! Studios' 28 Days Later #1 dropping into stores Wednesday, kicking off a new continuing series that promises to bridge the gap between the films 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 Weeks Later. Man of many hats Mark Waid brings the next and final issue of his series The Unknown to fans with issue four. It all ends here as mysteries are solved and conclusions are drawn! With lots to choose from this week, you should have plenty to keep you busy until next week!