CW President Speaks Out On The 100's Recent Controversies

While the CW has plenty of buzz-worthy programs, perhaps none of their series got more press over [...]

the 100
(Photo: The CW)

While the CW has plenty of buzz-worthy programs, perhaps none of their series got more press over the past year than the post-apocalyptic drama, The 100. The show spawned dozens of headlines last spring when fan-favorite character Lexa was unexpectedly killed off, enraging fans who bashed the series' portrayal of LGBTQ couples. The 100's showrunner Jason Rothenberg came under major fire for the decision, and now, CW president Mark Pedowitz is speaking out about the massive controversy.

Speaking at a TCA press tour, Pedowitz was asked about The 100 and whether the CW would be approaching the series' creative future differently now. "In terms of that question, in terms of what Jason has done for himself, I think he had a great learning curve for what social media can do, whether you're adored or hated at any given time," he said, referencing the online firestorm Rothenberg became involved with following the shocking death.

However, Pedowitz did explain the CW believes "in showrunners telling their story." The president went on to say, "I'm a believer in letting the creatives tell their story. If you start limiting certain things, you start limiting the ability to be creative...My take on this is I think there was much more of a social media reaction - in how Jason handled social media."

When asked whether Pedowitz had personally learned any lessons from the fans' backlash, he yet again referred to the power social media gives fandoms. "Social media goes both ways. They can adore you and they can bite you. But at the same time, we've learned that you have to support your showrunner. It's about their storytelling," he said.

Despite the show's rocky reception this season, Pedowitz still says the CW is still very optimistic about the dark series. "I'm very happy. The show is an unbelievable performer in delayed viewing and digital streaming," he said.

The 100 will be returning to the CW for its fourth season early next year.