DC Comics New Logo Revealed

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DC Comics has applied for a trademark for a brand new logo. The Beat uncovered the application for the trademark on The United States Patent and Trademark Office's website. The new DC Comics logo shows a "D" being peeled back to reveal a "C" with the words "DC Comics" or "DC Entertainment" underneath. Even though the logo is in black and white, it will likely be much more colorful in actual use. DC Comics is not claiming color as a feature of the mark, so DC Comics is leaving the door open to possible use a variety of different colors across different mediums. Just because DC Comics is applying for the mark doesn't necessarily mean that it will go into use. However, DC Comics has applied to use the mark on everything from dried fruit to booster seats, which makes it look like they are really serious about using the new logo, because all those applications had to be expensive. So what do you think of the possible new logo for DC Comics?