DC Comics Releases Hi-Rez Covers Of BEFORE WATCHMEN Covers

At the moment, DC's blog The Source is not exactly moving faster than a speeding bullet. With everyone and their brother downloading Before Watchmen covers and surfing over there to read the original press release and the aggregated links they've got, actually getting any of the art they've been posting today is a little tedious--so we've gathered all of it together here for readers to check out! Click on an image below to see the full-sized version. It's interesting to note that while DC's filenames for these images are fairly standard, the original Image that accompanied this morning's announcement was called "WATCHMEN_2012_CC_ajshdlfjhsad67478923764598324765987634haskdjhgfkajshdfg89hhhhhhhhhh1223.jpg". That long, complex and probably random sequence of numbers and letters was presumably to avoid anyone just looking through predictable filenames and finding unreleased material, as happened a bit when Bleeding Cool located and made public a number of the covers to New 52 #1s before DC had officially released them back in June. [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]