Diablo Cody's Live-Action Barbie Movie Script Nearly Finished

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Oscar-winning producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald about their upcoming projects, which includes Sony's live-action take on Mattel’s top-selling fashion doll Barbie.

"When she was created, a young girl's only choice was playing with a baby doll — what more says your only reason to be is to be a mother and take care of a baby? Barbie was independent," MacDonald replied when asked if feminists could embrace Barbie. "She was more feminist than we would think. Barbie can have 10 careers. So is that bad?"

In March, Oscar-winning screenwriter Diable Cody (Juno) was hired to rewrite the script that had been written by The Big C showrunner Jenny Bick. Cody's script is nearing completion. MacDonald says they'll receive it in "two or three weeks, and we'll go from there."


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