Exclusive: Amelia Cole To End Its Run With #30 In 2016


Monkeybrain's Amelia Cole, the series of miniseries from writers Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride with artist Nick Brokenshire, and letterer Rachel Deering, will draw to a close at the end of its current volume, appropriately titled Amelia Cole versus the End of Everything.

Fans of the series may have noticed that we've taken a bit longer than usual to publish our commentary track-style interview with Kirkbride and Knave following the release of this week's Amelia Cole versus the End of Everything #1, which is published online as Amelia Cole #25. This is part of the reason.

"We've hinted at it, we haven't really kept it a secret but here it is put plainly: Issue #30 will be the last Amelia Cole issue," Knave told ComicBook.com during our interview, which will run in full tomorrow. "

"This fifth arc, Amelia Cole versus the End of Everything, is our end point," Knave said. "There are a lot of reasons for it, but all the reasons really boil down to two things: money and sense. The book isn't making enough money for us to continue right now. That's the simple part. The harder part is: issue thirty is an ending. It finishes off the greater arc that started with issue one. If we were going to walk off stage, this is the time to do it. It's much better to leave when we have an exit than linger on and peter out, vanishing in the middle of a story. We've ensured that readers will get not only an end to this 5th arc but an end to the greater Amelia Cole story, an end that we hope satisfies and that brings this cycle of Amelia Cole to a close."

"While it is bittersweet, being able to complete the through line that we started back on July 2, 2012 as part of the big MonkeyBrain Comics launch is very satisfying," Kirkbride added. "We have some big surprises and moments coming up in these final six issues, and readers who have been with us from the beginning will hopefully be as satisfied as we are."

What to expect from those six issues? For that, you'll have to come back tomorrow and read some of their thoughts on Amelia Cole #25.

We'll also be giving away a couple of full sets of Amelia Cole digital comics to date, so make sure to stop by.