Facebook Employee Dave Goldblatt To Be Game Of Thrones Character

Last week, we reported that A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin was offering two fans an opportunity to be in a future novel. Those opportunities have been claimed by a female fan, who has chosen to remain anonymous, and Dave Goldblatt, a 30-year-old Facebook employee who donated $20,000 to Martin’s Prizeo campaign to help the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Goldblatt tells ABC he became a fan of Martin’s creation after a friend recommended the first season of Game of Thrones. After finishing the season, Goldblatt caught up on the book series within six months.

"I’m just lucky enough to be in a position to do this," Goldblatt said. "Obviously, the money is going to charity, so it’s an added bonus. I didn’t immediately seek to help wolf sanctuaries, but the more I read about the charities, I learned it was a worthwhile cause."

Goldblatt and the unnamed second winner will both be allowed to choose their character’s place in Martin’s world. Goldblatt chose to be Valyrian.


"You read some piece of fiction and for whatever reason you think one particular character or race is cool – and for whatever reason, I thought the Valyrians were cool. I’m hoping in future books we get to see more of them,” Golblatt explained.

Martin will also be sure that Goldblatt’s and the second fan’s characters both meet grisly deaths, a true honor for any fan of Game of Thrones.