Family Guy Brian's Announcement Site Confirmed As A Hoax

Brian's Announcement Family Guy

Earlier today, a website surfaced with a countdown clock for an announcement from Family Guy's Brian Griffin. Deadline, Variety and People all initially reported on the site as if it was an official Family Guy site from Fox. At face value, it’s easy to believe the site could have been official, as it claims to be official and links to the social media pages for Family Guy.

However, there were a number of red flags, so when reported on the site we noted that “it’s very possible and perhaps likely that the website could be a hoax itself.” The big thing that sent up a red flag for us is that the site was just registered today in the early morning hours, when all the Fox executives were likely still asleep. The lack of the typical Fox legal language on the site and the fact that none of the official Family Guy social media accounts were promoting the site also seemed suspicious.

Now, Fox has confirmed as we suspected that the Brian’s Announcement website is indeed a hoax and was not created by anyone officially connected to the show. As of yet, Fox has yet to officially comment on if Brian will return.