Fantastic Four Will Wear New Look, Containment Suits In Reboot

Fantastic Four Containment Suits

Fantastic Four is one of the few comic book movies that managed to film without any photos of the cast in their costumes leaking on the Internet. Perhaps, because of the lack of leaked photos, fans have been intensely interested in what type of costumes the cast will wear.

Michael B. Jordan previously revealed that the cast wouldn’t be in cheesy superhero outfits, but saying they’re not cheesy doesn’t mean there are no costumes at all. In fact, in a new interview with ABC's Good Morning America, Jordan revealed there are costumes. Jordan said, “It's a new look. We are all in containment suits. ... It's gritty. It's a gritty film.”

Jordan also offered a hint that the containment suits must be a pretty complex costume. Jordan added, “The costume process definitely took some time to get in and out of that thing, especially since I was bulking up. It was a little more snug during filming. We got through it man. It was a process, but we did it. It was hard work."

He also offered up a couple other interesting tidbits about the film, once again using the term disabilities to describe the teams’ powers.

I'm really excited about it, everyone is really happy. We worked hard for three months, put a lot of time into it. The script is very grounded and relatable to everybody, as much as you can. You really get a chance to grow with these characters. It's an origin story. You get to discover these abilities. These disabilities rather and grow with them.


Based on Jordan’s comments, it sounds like a major part of the plotline of Fantastic Four will be telling the story of how the team gets their powers (disabilities), likely in some type of accident.

Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on August 7, 2015.