Free Comic Book Day Is Like Christmas In May

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Now reaching its tenth anniversary, Free Comic Book Day is a bigger event than ever. What started out as a simple idea to get new readers into comic book stores has turned into a huge annual event. In essence, Free Comic Book Day is like Christmas in May for comic book fans. In addition to giving away a large number of free comic books, many comic book stores also hold special events. Some comic book stores will be having special appearances by comic book creators, while other comic book stores will be having gaming events or costume contests. Free Comic Book Day isn't just about current comic book collectors getting free comic books, but it is really a family event. Many of the free comic books are targeted at younger readers. For example, some of the free comic book titles include such characters as Geronimo Stilton, The Smurfs, Kung Fu Panda, Richie Rich, Darkwing Duck, and Mickey Mouse. Other free comic book titles include all ages stories featuring popular superheroes like Spiderman and Green Lantern. Lately, the rise in popularity of comic book movies has helped to add new excitement to Free Comic Book Day. For example, the Thor movie is premiering in U.S. theaters on the same weekend as this year's Free Comic Book Day. The addition of a blockbuster movie helps turn Free Comic Book Day into an all day fun event for many. Free Comic Book Day happens on Saturday, May 7, 2011. To find our more information about Free Comic Book Day or locate a local comic book store, visit