Free Comic Book Day T-Shirt Designed By Skottie Young Revealed


Diamond Comics Distributors today announced that fan-favorite artist Skottie Young will design the official t-shirt of Free Comic Book Day 2014, which will take place on May 3.

Young has been designing comic book art for years, most recently creating funny and charming Marvel Variant covers featuring famous “baby” Marvel characters.

"His lively character and talent show through with the fun art for the FCBD 2014 T-Shirts," Diamond wrote. "His artwork can be seen on a commemorative T-shirt or on a poster that fans can get at their local comic book shop! Skottie created a shirt that captures the excitement that comes out of reading comics and the meaning of what free comic book day is all about."

"I just took the spirit of the characters we all love from comics and tried to capture them," explained Young, whose t-shirt features original characters who evoke the feel of iconic figures from the comics industry. “I love comics and a day where a ton of them are free, that's exciting. I see it as a day of discovery for new readers, so that was my point of view when designing the shirt. A kid, new to the world of comics, looks over his shoulder and is shocked by the world he's found himself in!”

The FCBD shirt is available in black, white and red, in adult small to XXL and youth sizes small to large, for fans to get ready for the big day. All proceeds go to support Free Comic Book Day’s marketing and promotional efforts. Young’s artwork is also available as a commemorative poster.