Frozen Easter Eggs From Big Hero 6 Revealed


Since Big Hero 6 was made and produced by Disney Animation, the same studio that brought 2013's mega-hit Frozen, it should come as no surprise that the worlds of San Fransokyo and Arendelle might converge just a little bit.

In a preview of the upcoming Big Hero 6's Blu-Ray feature on the film's Easter Eggs, Disney has revealed some of the Frozen crossovers that they snuck into the Marvel Comics adaptation.

As the video reveals, a statue of both the villainous Prince Hans and the lovable snowman Olaf made their way into film. You'd miss the Olaf statue if you blinked, but the Hans one is a little more obvious: It is the target for Baymax's highly destructive missles. Perhaps Prince is better off sticking in the world of Frozen. Finally, the clip's third Easter Egg shows an Arendelle ship docked in San Fransokyo's harbor, which according to the video, imported the film's other Easter Eggs.

You can check out the clip below. The video comes to an end even though the feature seems to keep running, suggesting that there are more Easter Eggs to be found on the Blu-Ray.

Big Hero 6 will be available on Digital HD on February 3rd, and Blu-Ray & DVD on February 24th.