G4 Finally Going Away For Real

G4, the gaming themed network will be cancelled for good on Nov.30, Polygon reports.

Cable providers still carrying the station were notified through a statement from parent company NBCUniversal that the G4 would be pulled for good.

While G4 had been on the chopping block for quite some time. Although NBCUniversal discontinued any new prograaming for the station, they still allowed re-runs of television series' and movies to air.

NBCUniversal continued to air G4 while ceasing all further investment in the network, allowing only re-runs of television series' Lost, X-Play and Ninja Warrior, along with occasional films.

Originally Style was the network positioned to replace G4 but because the parent company has three other cable channels that cater to the same demographic: Bravo, E!, and Oxygen, Style will actually be rebranded as the Esquire Network.


Debuting in 2002, G4 garnered a loyal following for its programming such as Attack of the Show.