Gotham Ratings Rise

Last night’s episode of Gotham, “The Penguin’s Umbrella,” saw the series’ first increase [...]

Last night's episode of Gotham, "The Penguin's Umbrella," saw the series' first increase in ratings since it premiered (via Entertainment Weekly). After steadily weekly ratings declines, "The Penguin's Umbrella" saw a 9 percent increase in ratings over the previous week's episode.

"The Penguin's Umbrella" brought in 6.5 million viewers and 2.4 rating. The episode was the first to really break out of the episodic, crime-of-the-week format that it has utilized so far, and put the focus squarely on The Penguin. Robin Lord Taylor's performance as a young version of Batman's deranged criminal enemy has been a highlight of the series so far.

Gotham may also have received an increased buzz due to new that broke earlier in the day, revealing that a young version of the Scarecrow, a villain with name recognition from appearances in The Dark Knight Trilogy, will be showing up later this season.

Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.