Gotham Season Two Teases Strange New Circus

If Gotham City weren’t enough of a circus already, an actual big top performance is heading to [...]

If Gotham City weren't enough of a circus already, an actual big top performance is heading to town for Gotham Season Two.

Earlier today, Gotham teased that a "different kind of circus" would hit the fabled city. The tease itself is a bit on the vague side, but it could hint at a few upcoming pieces of Batman lore.

Naturally, there's Haly's Circus, home of the Flying Graysons. The Flying Graysons, and Haly's, were Dick Grayson's family before he joined Batman's crusade. And while Dick Grayson could barely be an infant in Gotham's time line, Gotham Season Two could show more of Robin's first home.

The other possibility is the Circus of Strange. The much-more sinister circus was really a gang run by Professor Pyg during Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin comic series. Gotham's interpretation of Pyg has him more as a mad doctor than a deranged circus leader, but the circus could be the next stage of the character's evolution. After all, Gotham's second season is all about "the rise of the villains."

Or—since we're spitballing here—what if it's the infamous Red Triangle circus gang from Batman Returns? Maybe Gotham's Penguin wants to be more like his Tim Burton-counterpart. Come on--we all know that ruling a sewer-dwelling band of circus freaks is way cooler than running Gotham's criminal empire.

Which circus do you think Gotham is teasing? Let us know in the comments!

Gotham's second season premieres September 21 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX.