I Kill Giants Has Started Filming

It’s been just over a year since sources confirmed that the graphic novel I Kill Giants was [...]

It's been just over a year since sources confirmed that the graphic novel I Kill Giants was being adapted into a film. And, now, the project looks like it has started principal shooting. Creator Joe Kelly announced the news on Twitter earlier today and even gave a shoutout to co-creator Ken Niimura.

"In other news, [I Kill Giants] has begun principal shooting today. So excited, so proud and so lucky I met [Ken Niimura]!" Joe wrote.

Over the past year, several big casting confirmations for the film were released to fans' excitement. Zoe Saldana signed on to I Kill Giants and will be playing a school psychologist. Newcomer Madison Wolfe will be playing the film's heroine Barbara, and Imogen Poots was cast in a an unknown role as well.

When the film was first announced, Joe had the honor of telling fans the good news. He revealed that Treehouse Pictures agreed to finance the project. Anders Walter will direct the film while Chris Colombus stands in as producer. Joe adapted the screenplay for I Kill Giants.

Speaking about the project, Chris explained that, "Joe Kelly has written a deeply insightful story about a child using fantasy to navigate through a harsh reality, and I am excited and proud to finally be able to bring this wonderful material to the screen."

Joe also talked about his feelings about the theatrical adaptation, saying, "I'm overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, vision and sheer talent of the team we've assembled. Chris and Anders understand the book on an instinctive level and will translate it into a hell of a film. I could not be happier."

If you're unfamiliar with I Kill Giants, then you should know the story started off as a graphic novel in 2008. Kelly created the project with artist J. M. Ken Niimura and pitched the story to Image Comics. If you'd like to hear a bit about the story, Kelly provided a very succinct description during an interview he did with Newsarama.

"It's a story about a girl who's a bit of an outsider – she's smart-assed and funny, but totally in our geekland: she's obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, she doesn't have a lot of friends, she's a bit of a social misfit," he said. "She's taken her fantasy life a little far, and really only talks about giants to people. She's convinced that giants are real and giants are coming, and it's her responsibility to stop them when they show up. This weird little fantasy life that she's going has started seeping into her real life, and as we see things from her point of view, we see that she sees pixies and she sees signs in the clouds and other things that might be telling her that bad things might be coming."

Since its publication, I Kill Giants has won a Gaiman Award (an overseas manga award selected by readers), the International Manga Award, and was even listed in the "Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens" list by the Young Adult Library Services Association in 2010. It was also awarded the title of "Best Indy Book of 2008" by IGN and was an Eisner Award finalist.

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