IDW Publishing Announces Pay-What-You-Want Doctor Who Bundle

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who just counting down the days until the eighth season debuts then [...]

Humble Doctor Who Bundle

If you're a fan of Doctor Who just counting down the days until the eighth season debuts then IDW Publishing and the Humble Bundle have announced an excellent way to hold you over while supporting some worthy charities at the same time. The Humble Doctor Who Bundle is a name-your-own-price comic book collection that includes over 60 Doctor Who comic books from IDW Publishing, featuring all eleven doctors, but most prominently featuring the David Tennant and Matt Smith incarnations. The bundle includes Doctor Who Vol. 1, featuring the Fugitive, Tesseract, and Final Sacrifice stories with the 10th Doctor. It also includes Doctor Who Vol. 2, the 17-issue series starring the 11th Doctor. As a bonus, IDW is also including access to the Doctor Who: Legacy video game for Android devices with 10 Doctors already unlocked. If you beat the average price for the bundle you will also receive all 17 issues of Doctor Who Vol. 3, featuring more adventures with Matt Smith's 11th Doctor. Pay $15 or more and the bundle will include the 12-issue Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time series, featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor, plus the Hugo Award-nominated Doctor Who Special 2013, featuring Paul Cornell's meta-textual tale of the 11th Doctor arriving in a parallel universe where his adventures are only known as the work of fiction on a television series. As is usually the case with Humble Bundles, the comics are all DRM-free and more bonuses for beating the average price will be added in the coming days. A customizable portion of the price paid for the bundle will be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Doctors Without Borders. You can find the Humble Doctor Who Bundle at the Humble Bundle website.