Iron Can Parody Of Iron Man Released

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 8.57.01 AM

A fan-made Iron Man parody, Iron Can, is going viral, populating the Internet with more laundry-based puns than any Iron Man fan thought that they'd hear in an entire lifetime.

The video’s premise is this: Tony Stark is re-imagined as Tony Starch, a billionare playboy philanthropist who is also also a can of ironing starch. When evil threatens to wrinkle the fabric of civilization, Tony armors up as a laundry iron, becoming a true “Iron” man. As the literal Iron Man, there’s no fiendish fabric that Tony Starch can’t straighten out, including cotton, wool, and more. After all, who needs repulsor rays when you can have water cannons?

You can check out the parody video below, which sets the course for the eventual team-up film, “Appliance Alliance.”


More than anything, this video just makes us want an Mark III-designed laundry iron. Can Marvel please get to work on that, asap?