Jared Leto Has Sworn To Keep His Mouth Shut About Joker Role In Suicide Squad

If you're looking for anything in the way of a confirmation of those rumors that Jared Leto will join Suicide Squad, don't expect it to come from the actor.

Leto, who recently won an Academy Award for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, says he's keeping quiet on the whole thing.

"I've sworn to keep my mouth shut" is all The Hollywood Reporter could coax out of him on the subject of Suicide Squad during a recent profile piece.

Of course, an evasive approach will likely cement the idea that Leto is the next Joker in the popular consciousness...but simply failing to comment doesn't really reach the threshold of being evidence for or against anymore. Paul Rudd, after all, denied being Ant-Man and Jason Momoa repeatedly denied playing Aquaman. Nobody believed either of them, and everyone went along talking about them as though it was a done deal...right up until the moment it was.


It seems likely that with an entertainment press which gets these things right more often than not, and a 24-hour news cycle at specialty news sites dedicated specifically to comics and related media, the appetite for news about these secretive projects means that anything said or not said will be seen by at least part of the audience as final and clinching proof that he's got the part. If he's got the job, a no-comment approach is likely required by his contract. If he doesn't, then a no-comment might be the smartest way to minimize the buzz.

Suicide Squad stars filming next year for a 2016 release.