John Carter Premiere Goes Incredibly Well

'John Carter' doesn't hit the theaters until March 9th, but the world premiere was last night. [...]

"John Carter" doesn't hit the theaters until March 9th, but the world premiere was last night.  And, according to a variety of folks, the movie flat out rocks. Sure, most people--including comic book fans--don't know what the movie is really about.  And the trailers and TV spots haven't helped that.  But maybe the tide has turned for this film. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the standard premiere fare attended: Director Andrew Stanton, Taylor Kitsch, Producer Jim Jacks, and a host of Disney execs.  But also on hand were members of D23, the Disney Fan Club.  THR's Borys Kit talked to one fan club member, who said  the film was "a good start to the blockbusters of the season. I'll go see it again." THAT is the message that Disney needs to get out to the masses-that this film is good.  And if they tell people what it's about, as opposed to just showing battle scenes in the trailers, more people might be interested.  Yesterday, we talked about 'Wrath of the Titans,' a sequel to 'Clash of the Titans.'  The reason why there is a sequel to 'Clash' is because the studio got out in front with the marketing.  Sure, they pushed the action.  But they also pushed the STORY, which allowed people to get interested in the film. "John Carter" is a GREAT story.  A former Confederate officer who is mysteriously transported to Mars and inserted in the middle of two warring forces.  Sure, it's an action film.  But it's a humanity film that has great appeal.  People just need to know that.  And based on bloggers and writers who attended the premiere, the vibe should be pretty positive leading up to March 9th. I think Taylor Kitsch summed it up best: "We made a f---ing great movie in "John Carter. It's such wasted energy if I worry about what a million people I don't know are going to think. I'm excited for people to enjoy the journey."