Kevin Smith Weighs In On Man Of Steel

Kevin Smith Man of Steel

While we patiently wait for Warner Bros. to release another trailer for Man of Steel, we thought we would share what a well-known director had to say about the Man of Steel. Director Kevin Smith is never shy about giving his opinion on comic book movies, and he offered up a little feedback on the Man of Steel this morning during a Reddit Q& A.

Kevin Smith said, "I LOVE the MAN OF STEEL trailer. Zack Snyder can do anything - including **** my wife. And as much as it'd hurt to watch him do that, he'd make it look so ****ing cool, I'd still have to admire him for breaking my heart and destroying my marriage."

Kevin Smith also added, "And I love the new Superman. I was a huge fan of THE TUDORS. And Michael Shannon as Zod? Take my money, Warner Brothers. Take all my money and make me believe a man can fly..."

Warner Bros. hasn't really launched their promotional campaign for Man of Steel yet, but we'd love to see them use Kevin Smith's quote in a TV commercial. They would have to bleep it like we did of course, but still it's a great endorsement for the movie. Man of Steel is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in the United States on June 14, 2013.