Legends Of Tomorrow Anthology Series to Feature Firestorm, Metal Men, & More

(Photo: DC Comics)

A new anthology series has been announced by DC Comics, bearing the name Legends of Tomorrow. If that name sounds familiar to you, that's because it's also the name of the third CW television DC Universe series, spinning off from The Flash and Arrow and launching late January. Though they share a title, the two are not connected by story.

Like the TV series, Firestorm will star in one of the book's four stories, written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Eduardo Pansica and Rob Hunter. It will feature a new member of the Firestorm matrix fusing with Ronnie Raymond in a quest to save Jason Rausch. Professor Stein is mentioned, so maybe he'll be going nuclear once again.

The other three stories launching in Legends of Tomorrow are much more surprising. Metal Men, Metamorpho, and Sugar & Spike round out the 80 page anthology.

Metal Men comes from Len Wein with art by Yildiray Cinar and Trevor Scott. The robots, each made entirely one one metal, face down a new cyber-terrorist called Nameless.

Metamorpho, meanwhile, is written and drawn by Aaron Lopresti with inks by Matt Banning. In the story, Simon Stagg holds Metamorpho prisoner while his daughter tries to break the captive free. Lopresti will also provide the cover, seen here.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Sugar & Spike is probably the most surprising, and hails from the team of writer Keith Giffen and artist Bilquis Evely. The pair are private investigators looking to retrieve some old Batman costumes from Killer Moth. Given the team, characters, and situation, expect a laugh or two in this one.

Legends of Tomorrow #1 hits stores March 9, 2016 clocking in at 80 pages for $7.99