Marvel Announces Infinity Entity

Marvel Cosmic icon Jim Starlin is back to working on one of the characters with whom he's most associated -- Adam Warlock -- in a new book titled Infinity Entity.

CBR reports that Infinity Entity will tie Warlock into the ongoing Thanos saga Starlin has been telling in a number of stand-alone stories over the last few years. Following Entity, the story will conclude in Thanos: Infinity Finale.

"The blurb at the end of Thanos: The Infinity Relativity really should have read, 'Concluded in The Infinity Finale,'" Starlin said in the interview announcing the project. "Even at that point I knew the epic I wanted to tell had grown to more than could be easily fitted into the final graphic novel and that there would have to be an additional spanning sequence, as in Thanos vs. Hulk. Plus, the opportunity to work with Alan Davis arose. He's always been an artist whom I have long wished I could draw as well as. So Marvel and I hammered out a space for this mini Adam Warlock series."


With Avengers: Infinity War coming to theaters in 2018, it's likely Thanos will be at the center of more stories between the end of Starlin's opus and the release of the film.