Marvel Announces The Haunted Mansion Series

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(Photo: E.M. Gist, Marvel Entertainment)

Marvel Comics has revealed a new comic book series based on the iconic Disneyland ride The Haunted Mansion, joining Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Figment as part of the Disney Kingdoms imprint.

From writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Coelho, with covers by E.M. Gist, The Haunted Mansion will introduce the 999 ghosts that call the horrifying house their home.

"One thing that Marvel and I have talked about a little bit is making sure there's really a horror aspect," Williamson tells EW. "There are silly parts of the attraction, but we wanted to make sure there was horror there, which is not something I've done a lot with my other books.

(Photo: E.M. Gist, Marvel Entertainment)

"With this, my big priority is just doing justice to the story," continues Williamson. "One of my favorite stories about the Haunted Mansion is really the earliest story, which is about Walt Disney, and how he was in the UK being interviewed. And he was kind of asked what he was doing there, and he was like, 'Oh, I'm going around inviting ghosts to this haunted hotel community I'm going to be making.' And that was publicly the first mention of the Haunted Mansion. It wasn't even built for more than 10 years later, but I always like that story. There's a bigger story involved, there's more things we're doing with it — the Haunted Mansion will be a story, plus a setting for the story we want to tell — but that will be a big part of it, the idea of this place being a retirement community for these 999 happy haunts."

The Haunted Mansion #1 launches in March.