Marvel Launching Nighthawk & Hyperion Books

will be in the American heartland 'and see what happens,' Wendig told Newsarama.There's also an [...]

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Two more of the "Squadron Supreme" characters are getting new ongoing solo series, as the team, now made up of characters from various incarnations (and worlds) who are all now together on the latest version of the main Marvel Earth.

Nighthawk comes from the "Supreme Power" universe, a mature-rated take that saw more vicious versions of the characters in a frightening world. David Walker will write his new solo stories with an unannounced artist, CBR reported. The character will remember his time in the other world, and will explore the differences between them. Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond (a Batman analogue) will be centered in Chicago, and the book starts "early 2016."

Hyperion, meanwhile, features the same version of the character from Avengers in recent years, and will be written by Chuck Wendig and drawn by Nik Virella. Wendig has had a busy year, with the first post-Return of the Jedi novel in the new canon, Star Wars: Aftermath released in September, and The Shield relaunch just hitting stores this week. In the series, Hyperion (a Superman analogue) will be in the American heartland "and see what happens," Wendig told Newsarama.

There's also an ongoing Squadron Supreme book, but these series will be more of "side journeys" for their respective characters.