NBC's Revolution Was Not Televised


Remember just last week, when we talked about how "a week from now, some of us will have an opportunity to see a sneak preview of Revolution"? Yeah, not so much. If, like us, you were up late last night, glued to NBC and hoping to see a few minutes of the forthcoming series by Iron Man director Jon Favreau, you would have been surprised and somewhat disappointed by a lack of any such thing on your television. Deadline, though, talked to an NBC insider and had an explanation. "An inside source at NBC noted that scheduling of on-air promos is flexible during such events as The Olympics where few things are predictable," explained the article. It seems as though timing and ratings concerns apparently led NBC to scrap the planned six-minute preview, which was set to air at 11:54 p.m. at the end of the Olympic programming day. They will reportedly air a shortened version (two minutes and forty seconds) tomorrow during the coverage, when they expect a broader audience. Michael Phelps' final Olympic race, which the promo was supposed to run with, was moved to an earlier time in the day, and ratings on Saturday night were soft compared to the rest of the week. The full, six-minute preview was meant to go live on Hulu after it aired during the Olympics, and it's anyone's guess whether we might see the longer cut of the preview available online Tuesday. Our guess is no; what goes on TV is likely to be the only thing, if anything, that's made available on Hulu following the change of plans. The series premieres on September 17.