No Spider-Man Cameo in THE AVENGERS, But a YouTube Tease at Twitter Panel

This afternoon, The Avengers director Joss Whedon, as well as stars Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg [...]

This afternoon, The Avengers director Joss Whedon, as well as stars Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg and Tom Hiddleston held a "Global Twitter chat" with fans that brought the convention panel experience to computers around the world, complete with the opportunity for fans to ask questions, win prizes and see an exclusive clip from a new trailer for The Avengers which will debut during Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI. Below is a transcript of the questions asked of (and answered by) the actors and director, organized on a timeline and then scrambled a bit to put similar topics together. Among the topics discussed--Joss Whedon nixed rumors of a Spider-Man cameo in The Avengers; Clark Gregg lamented the lack of an Agent Coulson action figure; and apparently there's a mano a mano between The Hulk and Loki in the film that caused some on-set scrambling. Oh, and apparently Clark Gregg speaks Spanish. Or has access to Google Translate. We'll begin with Clark Gregg, whose first answer was to a question that seems to have vanished from Twitter--but was intriguing nonetheless. Clark Gregg: Very different dynamic in Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers, different heroes, more layers to Coulson's world/powers revealed. Jeff Rothan: To Mr. Whedon, how many Avengers comics did you read as reference for this movie? Joss Whedon: I had already read them all.

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: Samuel L. Jackson, do we get to see some cool interaction with you and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) a few times? Samuel L. Jackson: All the time, but it's sorta contentious. Georgina Collins: What was your biggest challenge in playing Loki and Fury in The Avengers? Samuel L. Jackson: Losing the weight to fit my costume and keep it off. Tom Hiddleston: The biggest challenge was magnifying his menace without losing touch of his emotional truth. Keeping his chaos honest! Matias Javier Garcia: What about the Spider-Man cameo in The Avengers? Joss Whedon: "There is no Spider-Man cameo. But the Avengers do turn off the dark." Michelle Ressler: Were the stunts more difficult this time around in The Avengers as opposed to Thor & how'd u prepare for them? Tom Hiddleston: More stunts. More training. Day in, day out. Running, jumping, flying, twisting. We worked like athletes. It was really fun. Seraphina: Samuel L. Jackson, how much of your own stunts did you do? How did you prepare for all the physical work? Samuel L. Jackson: As much as the insurance company allowed. I prepped by working out a bit? Scott Stamper: For JW, was there an Avenger you wanted to put in the movie but couldn't make it work for whatever reason be it budget or time? Joss Whedon: I'm a fan of the Wasp. She's goofy and sting-y. Jonathan Samudio: Clark Gregg, please can tell me what happend with the Wasp ? Thank you. Clark Gregg: Coulson and Wasp broke up. It was very painful. Troy Freund: Is the movie's plot going to reference any classic Avengers stories or be a more "ulitmate-ized" story? Joss Whedon: It's a combo platter: classic, Ultimate, plus a little Richie Rich and "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Emily O'Brien: Samuel L. Jackson, how much of your portrayal is based on comics Nick Fury and how much of Nick Fury is based on you? Samuel L. Jackson: There's a lot of Nick Fury in me already. Rees Horton: Tom Hiddleston, what did you do to get into character for The Avengers? Tom Hiddleston: Learn lines. Run five miles a day. Get dressed and go through the works. Turn up on set. And play. Christina Smith: For Clark Gregg. What do you like best about Coulson? Clark Gregg: The bulletproof Dolce suits. Reggie: Where does Coulson buy his suits? Clark Gregg: Dolce has a SHIELD outlet. Elisabeth Montero: Have you ever wanted to wear Iron Man suit? Clark Gregg: Wearing it now. Jim Shields: Will we get to see any background on Fury? Samuel L. Jackson: Not yet. Chris Vroman: Samuel L. Jackson, who was your first favorite superhero? Samuel L. Jackson: The Flash. Robert Gwinn: Clark Gregg: Love your Character... Are you going to see more action in The Avengers? Clark Gregg: Everybody sees more action in the avengers, hell, the audience even has to fight bad guys Paolo Jara: Clark Gregg, is it difficult to control and monitor Iron Man? Clark Gregg: Oh, yes! It is very hard. East Chapter: Clark Gregg, will you have an action figure released? If not, are you jealous. Clark Gregg: No Coulson action figure, very jealous. Hanna: Might we see a more mischievous (rather than mostly just evil) Loki in The Avengers? Tom Hiddleston: ENTIRELY. More mischievous. More evil. More hubristic. More delusional. More damaged. More badass. Pietro Filipponi: Has the ante been upped on Easter Eggs? And if so, how attentive will movie goers have to be to stop them? Joss Whedon: There will be actual dyed eggs. Try to find them all! sad_cas: Tom Hiddleston, what kind of relationship do you have with the other actors on the set of The Avengers? Tom Hiddleston: Nothing but love... It wasn't called Group Hug for nothing! Mike Carter: Agent Phil Coulson is the Tōbei Tachibana of SHIELD. Clark Gregg: That's a big Showa compliment Alex Kruse: "Coulson's the fan dubbed chuck norris of The Avengers Clark Gregg: Due respect, but Coulson crush Walker Texas Ranger...with a bag of flour! Camille Paquet: Will we see you with flour bags again? Clark Gregg: Coulson never kills with the same cooking ingredient twice. Miss Mary Mo: Does that mean he's moving on to vegetable oil and paprika? Clark Gregg: I'm sorry. I cannot disclose SHIELD approved lethal ingredients. Adam Stabelli: Samuel L. Jackson, who's your favorite Avenger? Samuel L. Jackson: Black Widow is my pick! Devyn Nolan: Tom Hiddleston, who was the funnest Avenger to fight? Tom Hiddleston:  Brother-to-brother is intense. Hemsworth is a giant, but we trust each other implicitly as actors which means we can really commit to the physicality of the choreography, and imbue it with emotion. CK: Samuel L. Jackson, did the eyepatch throw off your depth perception? Samuel L. Jackson: Not at all, there was a new memory factor involved. Kira Kovalevsky: Eye patch did not interfere during the filming? Samuel L. Jackson: Not a bit. Makes me feel cool. Mariah 4strom: Loki's costume looks great, but so terribly intricate. How long did it usually take getting everything on? Tom Hiddleston: About forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on how energetic I am feeling. Kudos to Bob Moore Jnr. from the costume department. Dressing was a two man job. But we had a great playlist & we laughed a lot. TerrHimself: Most difficult and best things about filming (part) of The Avengers in New York City? Joss Whedon: Who gets the last bagel. AJ Wiley: Everyone always asks what the hardest part of directing the movie was. What was the easiest? Joss Whedon: Controlling the meat puppets...I mean, actors. Ambika: Scariest moment on set? Any injuries? Tom Hiddleston: I smashed my elbow when facing down the great green incarnation of rage. I guess the Hulk really does smash. Dragica S: Funniest moments on The Avengers set? Tom Hiddleston: Getting the giggles when the Hulk smashed. Joss got the giggles too. I was hopeless. Josh Tippey: Clark Gregg, Funniest experience with a fan? Clark Gregg: May have signed some large boobs at NYCC. Melissa: Care to share the best of the Avengers bloopers with us? Joss Whedon: Not when Samuel L. Jackson says them! Eƨra: Samuel L. Jackson, are we going to see you kick some ass? Maybe [Loki] ass? Samuel L. Jackson: Fo Sho! David Mello: Will the female characters, especially Black Widow, remind the boys how strong they are, and how? Joss Whedon: The females will spend their time whimpering and baking and being befuddled by math. #sarcasm Emily O'Brien: I'm assuming The Avengers will be a masterpiece of wit and sarcasm. Which character got the most snark? [Coulson] perhaps? Clark Gregg: That's a toss up, an awful lot of Avenger-snark to go around... Natasha Arsenault: What was your first reaction to getting the chance to direct The Avengers? Joss Whedon: "What moron would take a job that hard? Show me this moron, so that I may mock him."

Natasha Arsenault: In Thor, you had lots of emotions. In The Avengers, was there a day where you were devastated emotionally after "cut" Tom Hiddleston: You have to reach deeper. And stay aware of the fact that the emotions are true, but they're not mine. Dr. Thiago Sequiera: In the end of Thor, we see that Thor still loves his brother and misses him a lot. Does Loki feels the same? Tom Hiddleston: The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. And Loki hates his brother. Rebecca McKinnon: In Thor, Loki was looking for Odin's attention and approval, now is he looking for revenge? Tom Hiddleston: He doesn't want revenge so much as identity. Belonging. Purpose. Self-esteem. Through delusional dreams. David Aaron Reeves: Tom Hiddleston, Shakespeare quote to describe Loki? Tom Hiddleston: "O beware my lord of jealousy, it is the green eyed monster that doth mock the meat it feeds on" (Othello)... ...Or "Stand up for bastards!" (King Lear) Nate BarchettFive years ago, would you have believed that you would play the most badass villain in superhero movie history? Tom Hiddleston: Bless you. And no! Denise Morse: Can you enjoy The Avengers without seeing all the other films? Joss Whedon: You don't need to see any Marvel movies to enjoy The Avengers! But you need to see Steel Magnolias, like, six times. Ponzi Brandao: Can we expect some bromance between Captain America and Iron Man? Joss Whedon: Not as long as there's two of them and only one bagel. Heroes need carbs. Matt Metherell: Feels like every question has already been how was catering on set? Joss Whedon: I stayed away from catering. But it smelled good from far away. Leslie Pleasants: How long did it take to shoot the movie? Joss Whedon: I started when I was 12 and should be done by May 3rd at 11:59 pm. Claire D: What do you consider your character's theme song for The Avengers? Samuel L. Jackson: "Born Free"/Hendrix josuegoth: Clark Gregg, what can we expect after the credits? Clark Gregg: I don't know, man! Enrique: Samuel L. Jackson--Nick Fury or Mace Windu? Samuel L. Jackson: Jedi or mortal? You be the judge! stellaviola: Tom Hiddleston, will we see you pole dancing again in The Avengers, just like we did in Thor? Tom Hiddleston: Ahem... (clears throat)... er... well... I don't think so. Joss? auntiesunshine: Clark Gregg/Joss Whedon TV series? Please? Clark Gregg: Great idea. Asking him now. Joss???? Victor Aragon: Who was the jokester on the set? There is always one on every movie shoot. Joss Whedon: I had the jokester put down on day 3. Tom Hiddleston: By the way... IN THE END, IT WILL BE EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF. Clark Gregg: Meeting some Skrull friends for lunch. Thanks for the all the support! Coulson out!