Oscar Mayer Releasing a Hot Dog Flavored Ice Cream Sandwich

Earlier this week, French's turned the ice cream world upside down with the announcement of their [...]

oscar mayer ice dog sandwich
(Photo: Oscar Mayer)

Earlier this week, French's turned the ice cream world upside down with the announcement of their team up with Coolhaus to create a special Mustard Ice Cream. Now, Oscar Mayer is taking the world of unusual ice cream flavors to a whole new level, going beyond just the condiments to give fans something a bit more substantial -- an actual hot dog flavored ice cream sandwich.

That's right. Oscar Mayer has announced the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich. The company announced their interesting new offering on Twitter earlier this week with a photo of the iconic Wienermobile done up in a whole new and arguably cooler look to celebrate the Ice Dog. Check it out below.

The Ice Dog Sandwich is designed to imitate a regular hotdog on bun with mustard, just in ice cream form. It consists of a "cookie bun", hot dog sweet cream ice cream complete with candied hot dog bits paired with a spicy Dijon gelato. We're not entirely sure what a candied hot dog bit will taste like, but the pairing of a sweet ice cream flavor with the spicy gelato sounds like the overall effect will be a complex culinary experience.

Now, for the details on this unusual ice cream experience. The Ice Dog Sandwich will be available during the week of August 12 in New York City with the Wienermobile driving around the Manhattan area of the city passing out samples of the treat. As shown in the Twitter post, the Wienermobile will be getting a bit of a wardrobe change to look like and serve as an ice cream truck. Not going to be in New York and still want to try the Ice Dog Sandwich? No problem! Oscar Mayer is encouraging the curious to send them a DM on Twitter to find out how they, too, can try this new offering.

And if you're wondering how the folks at French's is taking this new ice cream offering reveal? Well, it's opened up a whole new "rivalry" of sorts on Twitter, with French's playfully teasing Oscar Mayer about things, even prompting a friendly poll asking the important question: do you want to try the Ice Dog Sandwich, or do you eat condiments all on their own?

Now, we open it up to you: what do you think of Oscar Mayer's Ice Dog Sandwich? Will be you be checking it out later this month? Did you DM the company asking how to try it for yourself? Are you more interested in French's Mustard Ice Cream? Let us know in the comments below!