President Obama Addresses "Jedi Mind Meld" Gaffe


It's hardly surprising that our ostensibly geek-friendly President has taken a bit of a beating over the last few hours since making a comment about the "Jedi Mind Meld," crossing up Star Trek and Star Wars references in a way that will have J.J. Abrams taking notes. But, in a spirit of good humor, the White House just tweeted out the image at left, using Star Wars and Star Trek fonts and terminology, along with a comical photo of President Obama, along with a URL designed to take advantage of all the mockery that the sci-fi gaffe has engendered today. "We must bring balance to the Force," warned whoever is in charge of social media at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Insert your own Darth Vader jokes here. The link at redirects users to a FAQ/"What you need to know" page dealing with the Sequester, the issue that Obama was addressing when he made his Star-flub.