Regina's Dad Returning For 100th Episode Of Once Upon A Time


This will make your heart go pitter patter!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Tony Perez is returning to Once Upon A Time. He'll reprise his role as Prince Henry, better known as Regina's (Lana Parrilla) father, for the show's 100th episode. That'll be the midseason premiere, which is scheduled to air Sunday, March 6.

EW reports, "Details are, of course, being kept under wraps, but considering Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) just brought back a slew of Dark Ones from the Underworld, that should give you a hint as to what's coming up."

Last time we saw Prince Henry, he crumpled to the floor after his daughter tore out his heart. That's because Rumplestiltskin had told Regina that she had to remove the heart from the person she loved the most in order to enact the Dark Curse.


Once Upon a Time winter finale airs this Sunday, December 6 at 8PM EST on ABC.