'Ride With Norman Reedus' Episode 3: Norman Loves His Fans In This Sneak Preview

In the upcoming third episode of AMC’s Ride with Norman Reedus, the Walking Dead actor proves [...]

In the upcoming third episode of AMC's Ride with Norman Reedus, the Walking Dead actor proves how much he loves his fans. In the official sneak peek trailer for the episode, Norman is shown posing for plenty of photo ops with all sorts of fans.

The third episode, entitled "Appalachia: Blue Ridge Parkway," follows Norman on another bike ride across America as he's joined by his friend and bike enthusiast Jason Paul Michaels. Norman can be heard in a voice-over describing the wide open roads of North Carolina as he appreciates at the state's sprawling clouds and runs into like-minded bikers who're just doing their own thing.

However, somewhere along the trip, it appears as if Jason gets a surprise or two as Norman gets recognized time and time again during the duo's countryside excursion. The Walking Dead can be heard admitting, "Now, he [Jason] knows me more as Norman. So, he wasn't prepared for his ride with Daryl."

In a series of hilariously awkward clips, Paul can be seen hanging off to the side as Norman mingles with fans and takes dozens of selfies with die-hard fans. Posing for photos, Norman huddles in with fans as on-lookers thank the actor profusely for his time, telling Norman that, "He's awesome," and, "Oh gosh, thank you so much," and even, "Oh, you're so good-looking."

While Norman might be used to the attention following his six-year tenure on AMC's The Walking Dead, Jason isn't so used to the spectacle. Norman love the encounters, however, and gushes about his fans by saying that, "Everyone is so sweet. I love it up here." And, as the video continues, fans can see Norman and Jason get mobbed again by excited fans at another rest stop where the actor preps for more impromptu photo shoots.

Jason even jokingly chides Norman towards the video's end, laughing as he says, "I can't go anywhere with this guy," while taking photos of his friend for fans.

The upcoming episode of Ride with Norman Reedus promises plenty of laughs and adventure as the pair drives through the scenic, hilly state of North Carolina. But, instead of Norman encountering his usual zombie hoard, the actor rather runs into a very welcome group of starstruck fans.

Ride with Norman Reedus airs next on Sunday, June 26 at 10/9c on AMC.