Ron Perlman On Hellboy 3: "It's Too Good An Idea To Not Do"

Ron Perlman is a persistent and dedicated man.

For a few years now, he's been trying to get the momentum going for the final installment of the Hellboy movies, with director Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, but there's been several roadblocks along the way.

Perlman sat down to discuss his new series, Amazon's Hand of God, but it was obvious the topic of Hellboy was not far from his mind when IGN brought it up. '

"The only time I would ever go back to do Hellboy is to do the third and final instalment of the trilogy," Perlman said. "Which is why I’ve been yapping away and opening my big f**king mouth on Twitter and all that sh*t.


Perlman also went into discussion on why he thinks Hellboy is such an interesting character and has such longevity. "Because he’s a slob. He’s like the anti-superhero," he explains. "He’s the anti-hero version of the superhero. Back to pizza – he’d much rather stay in his room and watch Marx Brothers movies and play with his cats and eat pizza than go out and save the world. Which makes him like you and me – just a f**king slob. So he’s a reluctant superhero. He’s not true blue, square-jawed, boring, f**king… I’m not going to mention names. You know who you are, Iron Man, posing as an interesting guy. Sorry, I didn’t mean to go there. Sorry Robert – you’re the f**king best."

Back in June, Perlman had said that should Hellboy III ever get off the ground, it would blow fans' minds.