Rumored Fantastic Four Details Unveil Plot Points & A Possible Logo

With Fox has remaining extremely silent on its upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, others are [...]


With Fox has remaining extremely silent on its upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, others are beginning to fill the void with some guerilla marketing of their own. 

A Reddit user named MrBlueFox, claiming to have worked on the film's second cut, took to Reddit recently to answer numerous fandom's numerous questions Josh Trank's re-imagining of Marvel's First Family. In his Reddit Ask Me Anything, MrBluefox unloaded several new plot details on the film while adding to established rumors. Of course, none of MrBluefox's information should be read as official. Until a trailer or direct word comes down from Fox, all of his information below should be treated as rumor.

So, the first big question: Is Fantastic Four any good? MrBlueFox said that the film itself wasn't too bad, but that it definitely contradicts a portions of the classic source material. "It manages to keep the basis of the characters despite the race change for Johnny and the uh… original love story between two of the characters (I won't mention who)," MrBlueFox wrote.

As ComicBookMovie notes, the answer seems to suggest that Trank's film will see Sue Storm and Ben Grimm fall in love, as was the case in Marvel's Ultimate line. However, that scenario is not technically original, just a deviation from the mainstream in which Mr. Fantastic wins Sue's affections.

Next, MrBlueFox confirmed that Victor Domashev does indeed enter the fim as an Internet programmer for Mr. Storm. But once he gains his powers and officially becomes Dr. Doom, he'll inherit many of the classic villains traits and mannerisms (hopefully that includes speakin in the third person). The film will also hint at Domashev claiming his eventual fate as Latveria's despot, but the foreshadowing won't come until near the end.

As for the images of Doom and The Thing that leaked last year, MrBlueFox confirmed that both are mostly accurate, though their final looks will be somewhat different after CGI enhancements.

And finally, MrBlueFox revealed that a significant portion of the film—roughly 30 minutes—will occur in the Negative Zone, or Dimension N, as it is known in the film. Specifically, the first half of the film's second act, along with its final battle scene, will take place in the extra dimension.

Before he wrapped up, MrBlueFox also leaked a supposed image of the film's official logo. If you would like to see it, head here

The Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7th. With less than eight months to go, a trailer should hit any week now.