See What Movies Pokemon Go Has Made More Money Than In 2016

By just about any definition, Pokemon Go has been a runaway success for Niantic Labs and Nintendo. [...]

By just about any definition, Pokemon Go has been a runaway success for Niantic Labs and Nintendo. The popular mobile app has smashed multiple world records and generated over $440 million to date, making it one of the biggest mobile apps of all time.

So how big is Pokemon Go? Well, the mobile game has out-performed many big blockbuster movies this summer. A recent report released by SensorTower, an app marketing company, reports that Pokemon Go has made more money than Ghostbusters, Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Angry Birds Movie and Star Trek Beyond.

pokemon go chart
(Photo: SensorTower)

Although box office analysts wouldn't say all those movies were flops (both Star Trek and The Angry Birds Movie both have sequels on the way), Sony, Warner Bros, and 20th Century Fox probably aren't happy to hear that a game with next to no advertising has outperformed movies meant to launch big multimedia franchises.

Maybe Hollywood can blame Pokemon Go for what's been a hard summer at the box offices. According to Box Office Mojo, movies experienced a nearly 10% drop in income and had the second worst summer (after 2014) of the last ten years.

Pokemon Go is still continuing to perform well for Niantic, as the game still draws in an estimated $4 million in daily revenue, even though the game hasn't reached countries like China or India. And while the game's userbase has dipped here in the United States, the average amount to time players use Pokemon Go per day still exceeds 30 minutes per day.

So what's next for Pokemon Go? Niantic is beginning to roll out new features for the game, including an Pokemon appraisal system and a "buddy Pokemon" feature that allows you to take Pokemon on walk to get items to make them stronger. They also have trading, big organized events, and more Pokemon planned for further down the road.

While Pokemon Go probably won't continue to crush big blockbuster Hollywood movies, but the game has changed how society thinks about video games. Not only are other game developers exploring augmented reality games, some cities and states are even crafting legislature designed to tackle some of the issues introduced by Pokemon Go. But unless we more countries wind up banning the game, Pokemon Go isn't going anywhere.