Sony Pictures Brazil Teases Sinister Six Film

A social media update by Sony Pictures Brazil revealed today that something sinister this way [...]

sinister six

A social media update by Sony Pictures Brazil revealed today that something sinister this way comes.

The Portuguese translation for "Temos Planos Pra Voce… #homemaranha" is "We Have Plans For You…. #Spiderman"

Does this mean that production for the long awaited Spider-Man spin-off film is underway for its November 2016 release?

Drew Goddard has been tapped to direct the film. Chris Cooper is one of the stars set to appear. 

The fate of Sinister Six, the Spider-Man franchise, and Sony Pictures, has been in question in the last few months. Last summer's Amazing Spider-Man 2 garnered negative reviews and accrued a box office total of $708 million worldwide, making it the lowest grossing and poorest performing film in the series.

While two more sequels for an Amazing Spider-Man movie had been announced, they've both been delayed indefinitely.

November's cyberhack hack by the group, Guardians of Peace, was the proverbial Pandora's Box for the movie studio. Emails, classified documents, upcoming feature films, personal attacks against celebrities, their families and President Obama were made public online. The studio is still doing damage control.

While the Spider-Man spin-off may be moving forward, Spider-Man himself is still in limbo. As of October 2014, reports indicate Garfield is out of the franchise. Allegedly his criticisms against Sony alienated some powerful figures. Garfield also stood up the company at a corporate dinner in July.

With Garfield gone, it raises the question if Peter Parker will simply be recast or will another web-slinger be introduced? In an interview last year, Garfield supported the idea of introducing fellow Spider-Man, Miles Morales and having him co-exist with Parker or having the torch be passed to the younger super hero.

A Spider-Man spin-off featuring a female lead has also been under consideration by Sony Pictures. Would she debut in the Sinister Six film first?

While the social media update provides a possible answer about the status of the Sinister Six film and the Spider-Man franchise, it also raises more than a few questions.