Spider-Man + Cats = Adorable

We thought that Spider-Man only held a soft spot for Black Cat, but now it looks like his affections are for all felines.

This is especially true for fur-balls three-times his size. As Kotaku notes, the images come from a Twitter user named TKS1783, who took an Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure from Hot Toys and repurposed him as a cat-wrangler. Scroll below for all the spider and cat goodness.

Yee-haw, Mr. Parker. Yee-haw!

We’re sure that has to hurt more than a chomp from Venom.

Then again, this is probably more soothing than a hug and plate of cookies from Aunt May.

Here, Spider-Man has to steadily break the news that he wasn’t included in Marvel Studio’s Phase Three.


But that’s alright, Spider-Cat will love the Wall-Crawler no matter what.

Now, we challenge the Internet to construct a photoshoot with Hot Toys’ Dark Knight figure and a cockatiel. Go!