SpruKits Lets You Build Your Own Batman, Superman And Master Chief

SprüKits, making their way onto toy store shelves now, are the highly detailed action figure model kits featuring a wide array of characters from DC Comics, Microsoft's Halo video game series, and TV Tokyo's LBX franchises.  

SprüKits are an evolution Bandai's popular Gundam model kits.  Designed with the most advanced injection molding technology available, parts snap together without glue, paint or scissors, as is typically expected in a model kit.

Perhaps most interesting is their tiered level of complexity SprüKits offers, making it easy for novice and veteran model builders to find a kit at just their skill level. For instance, with 85-118 pieces Level 2 model kits could take over an hour to construct; where as Level 1 has half the pieces and Level 3 tops out at more than 200 pieces. Each level increases in complexity and build time, delivering a larger figure with sharper details, increased articulation and poseability. Serious builders and collectors will find exceptional detail provided by Level 3 SprüKits figures including realistic facial features and countless articulation.

Eleven different SprüKits characters will be made available, including DC Comics' New 52 Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Batman, New 52 Superman, and The Joker. There's also Halo's Master Chief, Spartan Gabriel Thorne and Spartan Sarah Palmer, and four LBX characters.


SprüKits hit store shelves this summer.