Stephen Amell Teases Weekly Facebook Live Interview Show


Arrow star Stephen Amell says he plans to launch a new, weekly webseries, airing on Facebook Live, in which he will conduct interviews with "some people you know, and maybe some people you don't."

He told fans during a livestream today that the inspiration came from talking to his cousin Robbie Amell yesterday. He said that while Robbie was technically his first guest, he will announce the first guest of his new, scheduled show once they were confirmed to attend.

This Friday… We're back! And other things…

Posted by Stephen Amell on Monday, November 23, 2015

Why would he do such a show? He asked himself that question rhetorically, and answered, "because it gets more viewers than the Esquire Network."

He added that "was a cheap shot," but that "facts are facts."

More details to follow, surely; his livestream was cut short when Kevin Fair, who will direct Arrow's twelfth season four episode, titled "Unchained," came to summon Amell to work.


Amell will also resurrect his F--k Cancer campaign on Friday, and it will run through Monday.