The Big Bang Theory Easter Egg

The Big Bang Theory Easter Egg QR Code

Several recent episodes of The Big Bang Theory have included easter eggs. If you pause the scenes that show a shot of the counter near the cash register in the comic book store, then there is both a bumper sticker with a website URL and a QR code. The bumper sticker shows the website URL and the QR code actually reveals the same website address.

The Big Bang Theory The Comic Center of Pasadena

If you visit the website, then you will find a website for The Comic Center of Pasadena, which is the comic book store shown on The Big Bang Theory. The website contains several photos of the cast of The Big Bang Theory hanging out at The Comic Center. There are also sections offering comics, collectibles, clothing, and official The Comic Center of Pasadena merchandise. The events section lists a Mystic Warlords of Ka'a tournament every Thursday at 8 with a $500 prize. Special notes point out that Stuart has dibs on partnering with any celebrity contestants and to please limit taunts to quotes from even-numbered Trek films only.

The Comic Center of Pasadena merchandise

One of the funniest sections is their about section which details shop hours and their buying comics policy. In regards to buying comics, The Comic Center states, "Yes...But we are really only looking for hot current products and old stuff (silver/golden age). Most of the time we will give store credit (trade) because we only give 5% of the books value in cash. Example: If you have a comic worth $100, you would get $5 cash or $40 credit...AT BEST (depending on the quality and popularity of the comics). Also, if we already have the book in question, you will receive nothing."