The Gotham Season Two Drinking Game

Tonight marks the start of Gotham's second season, and as we all know, the city is a dark and [...]

Tonight marks the start of Gotham's second season, and as we all know, the city is a dark and violent place, where terrible things happen.

So...why not a drinking game?

That's right, folks; in our zeal to celebrate the tropes that keep Gotham running, we've put together a series of suggestions to chemically enhance your viewing of the premiere.

Here at, we encourage responsible drinking, so please know that the following is for entertainment purposes only.

Take a sip when...

There's a not-at-all-subtle allusion to a character's eventual destiny.

A character says something seemingly-reasonable, smiles like they've just impressed themselves, and then kills somebody.

Harvey gives Jim great advice, which is ignored.

Jim does his angry Batman voice.

Selina outsmarts a supposedly intelligent adult. Drink twice when it's Gordon. Again.

Take two sips when...

Someone is fired from a job that we all know they will still have in a decade.

Gordon goes to The Penguin for a favor.

Harvey and/or Jim shows up JUST IN TIME to shoot the person who is about to kill his partner.

A character from the comics dies before Batman ever existed.

Finish your drink when...

The person who was fired above is re-hired within the same episode.

Gordon goes to Wayne Manor to announce he's giving up on finding the Wayne murderer, then changes his mind by the time he leaves.

There is an attack or hostage situation inside the Gotham Police Department.

Take a shot when

You have no idea whether or not a character is supposed to be a particular villain from the comics.

Alfred allows Bruce to do something entirely age-inappropriate.

Someone is killed and it's never brought up again, with no indication the body is ever reported.