The Walking Dead: Can The Answers to Beth's Mystery Be Found In a Video Game?

Ever since The Walking Dead released their Season Five trailer at Comic Con International: San Diego this summer, there's been speculation about just what fans were seeing when Beth appeared in a hospital, being manhandled by a police officer and apparently...assisting with surgery?

The answer, it seems, may be found in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, a video game set in the world of the TV series that featured Daryl and Merle Dixon.

Credit for this theory should go to a commenter, but I cannot find her comment anymore. I'm sorry!

In that game, there is a hospital -- Cleburne Memorial Hospital -- where survivors are still trying to find a cure, and not ruling out the strategy of human experimentation to do so.


Here's how The Walking Dead Wiki describes it: "When the outbreak began, a government research crew took residence in Cleburne Memorial Hospital. The hospital had military protection that kept it operational. When Daryl arrives the hospital looking for antibiotics for Merle, he finds Noah, who was treated for his gunshot wound. He states that Anna is searching the morgue for supplies. Later he finds a doctor who had gone insane looking for a cure and is using Noah as a test subject. Daryl has the decision to chose to save Noah or not."

The series recently cast Everybody Hates Chris and Dear White People... actor Tyler James Williams as Noah, a character with no description yet. Is he a variation on Noah Cruz, a character from Survival Instinct? It's impossible to know just yet, but it's certainly interesting that his first appearance will be in the fifth episode, titled "Slabtown," which seems like a likely colloquialism for a morgue -- possibly one you might find in a hospital?